How to choose snowboard jackets?

If you are on a snowboard track, you can often meet young people wearing down jackets and jeans there. Being sweaty after a descent, they sit down in a cold chair lift and they can completely stiffen during a short journey to the top of the slope. Such a journey often ends up in bed, where you will lie with a thermometer under you arm. Even if you don’t get a cold, wet from sweat and snow clothes will not allow you to get full pleasure from snowboarding. Therefore, the choice of clothing should be paid no less attention to than the choice of boards or fasteners.

The two main requirements for snowboard clothing seem to contradict each other at first glance. It should not only protect people from cold, wind and water, but also to remove moisture from the body heated by skating. It was possible to combine the incompatible with the help of high technologies. The so-called membrane was born after long experiments. This term means a thin film or impregnation, which is applied to the inner side of the upper fabric or between it and the gasket. Due to the special molecular structure of the membrane, it delays the incoming liquid from the outside and thus removes steam from the inside. There are many varieties of membranes, but there are two of them which are used most often. The first, a microporous one, is a film dotted with microscopic holes, which does not pass a drop of water due to the extremely small size. Steam passes through it without any problems. The second, an indisputable one, is also referred to as a hydrophilic membrane, which consists of a continuous film, which is expanded at higher temperature and, thus, it removes the moisture. Microporous membranes “breathe” better than hydrophilic membranes, but they stop working much earlier, because the pores are filled with moisture over time. In addition, their elasticity is lower than that of competitors. Although, indisputable fabric is durable and practical, it is much slower. Steam from the body can condense under the jacket for some time, however, when the clothes “breathe”, they will still evaporate.

High-quality equipment for snowboarding will turn the descent on snow-covered slopes into a real adventure. Reliable and well-chosen equipment will serve its owner for more than one year, and will contribute to the development of their skills and abilities. Special membrane fabric will protect from cold, moisture and will not restrict movement.

If you purchase and choose the equipment for a snowboarder, you should know some features:


They often use polyester or nylon for these clothes, these materials are designed for active sports;

clothing made of membrane fabric simultaneously removes moisture and allows the body to breathe;

the presence of microfiber and smooth seams indicates a high quality of clothing and reduces the risk of freezing.