How to choose glasses for a motorcycle?


For any motorcyclist,special glasses are very important. After all, any stone that flew out from under the oncoming car can get into the eyes, with the most negative consequences. Therefore, eye protection is one of the most important tasks for a motorcycle owner. But not all glasses are equally useful – some can only make it worse. How to choose the right glasses?

First of all, pay attention to the lenses. If they are made of glass, such glasses cannot be chosen. Any stone will easily break them, and no one needs to explain what it threatens. Therefore, you need to choose only glasses with plastic lenses.

The next point is ventilation. If it is missing, then condensed water will form in the glasses. Therefore, ventilation is necessary. In addition, it should always be in the lower part of glasses, otherwise, if it rains – all the water will be in the eyes.

The size. There is nothing special, there are only 2 types of glasses – for children and for adults. Children’s glasses should take if your weight less than 40 kg. In case if your weight is more than 60 kg — you need adult glasses. And for people with a weight of 40 to 60 kg. – at personal discretion.

Rubber and seals. If we talk about the elastic band – it is better to take glasses with a silicone rubber band, it lasts longer. Elastic fabric over time ceases to keep glasses on the face. The seal on the glasses should be thick and soft, or glasses will be uncomfortable to wear, and even after the glasses with a thin seal on the face may leave traces.


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